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Canadian Distributors     -     Alberta     British Columbia     Manitoba     Newfoundland

Nova Scotia     Ontario     Quebec     Saskatchewan

U.S. Distributors     -   Opportunities are Available.

Know Your Body Best

461 Carlaw Avenue, Toronto ON CN  M4K 3H9

Hours:  Monday to Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday 10:30-3:30

Contact:  Order Desk          Email:

Toll Free:  800.881.1681     Phone:  416.367.3744     Fax:  416.367.3364

Family Massage Therapy

491 Concession St, Hamilton ON CN  L9A 1C1

Contact:  Lorna / Monica / Lisa          Email:

Toll Free:  800.615.7382 or 866.387.3092     Phone:  905.387.3092     Fax:  905.383.3286

Whole Body Healing

68 Hooper Rd, Unit #3, Barrie ON CN  L4N 8Z9

Contact:  Dana          Email:

Toll Free:  888.877.8881     Phone:  705.730.5683     Fax:  705.725.9284


6469 Northam Dr, Mississauga ON CN  L4V 1J2

Contact:  Reception          Email:

Toll Free:  800.268.7927    Phone:  905.673.2108     Fax:  905.673.3109

Simply Therapy Inc.

2615 Lancaster Road, Unit #4, Ottawa ON CN  K1B 5N2

Contact:  Kathy          Email:

Toll Free:  866.494.0084     Phone:  613.225.1222     Fax:  613.224.0433

Hours:  Monday - Friday 10am-4pm, Saturday 11am-3pm

The Medispa

285 Weber St N, Unit #B-3, Waterloo ON CN  N2J 3H8

Contact:  Reception     Email:

Phone:  519.576.5877     Fax:  519.576.2803

Find Your Balance Therapeutic Supplies (formerly A & L)

515 Mulock Dr, Newmarket ON CN  L3Y 1A1

Contact:  Alaina / Maria          Email:

Toll Free:  877.804.4411     Phone:  905.895.0200     Fax:  905.898.6433

Partners in Health

971 Commissioners Rd E, Unit #7, London ON CN  N5Z 3H9

Hours:  Monday-Friday 9am-5:30pm; Saturdays 9am-Noon (Call First)

Contact:  Paulette

Phone:  519.690.1621    Fax:  519.690.0805

Inochi Spa

10 Andrews St S, Orillia ON CN  L3V 5J1

Contact:  Suzanne          Email:

Phone:  705.325.4419


5390 Canotek Rd, Unit #14, Ottawa ON CN  K1J 1H8

Contact:  Mike          Email:

Toll Free:  877.745.9797     Phone:  613.745.9797     Fax:  613.745.8028

Kawartha Massage Therapy Centre

909 Brealey Dr, Peterborough ON CN  K9K 1P5

Contact:  Patricia          Email:

Phone:  705.748.0964

Advance Therapeutic Massage Clinic

69 Margaret Avenue North, Waterloo ON CN  N2J 3P8

Contact:  Adrian or Maggie          Email:

Phone:  519.741.9292

Healing Hands Massage & Supplies

850 Alpha Street, Suite #205, Owen Sound ON CN  N4K 5W8

Contact:  Candace Grant          Email:

Phone:  519.270.0542


Massage Essentials

10459 124th St, Edmonton AB CN  T5N 1R7

Contact:  Robert / Zara          Email:

Toll Free:  866.490.5868     Phone:  780.701.5018     Fax:  780.701.5019

Massage Therapy Supply Outlet

9206 95th Ave, Main Floor, Edmonton AB CN  T6C 1Z7

Contact:  Toni / Di / Lori          Email:

Toll Free:  800.875.9706     Phone:  780.440.1818     Fax:  780.440.4585

Professional Massage Supply

232 Sunmount Place South East, Calgary AB CN T2X 1Y2

Contact:  Tanya


Phone:  403.201.2015     Fax:  403.201.2045


Relaxus Products

1590 Powell Street, Vancouver BC CN  V5L 1H3

Contact:  Jay, ext. 228          Email:

Contact:  Saar, ext. 232          Email:

General Email:

Toll Free:  800.663.2225     Phone:  604.879.0899     Fax:  604.879.0899

Simply Therapeutic Supplies

Richmond BC CN  V6Y 1L8

Contact:  Audra          Email:

** Please Call **     Phone:  604.207.1797


Diamond Athletic Medical Supplies

75 Poseidon Bay, Unit #185, Winnipeg MB CN  R3M 3E4

Contact:  Anyone          Email:

Toll Free:  800.781.9127     Phone:  204.488.7820     Fax:  204.488.0294


Body Kneads

39 Campbell Ave, St, John's NF CN  A1E 2Z3

Contact:  Trish          Email:

Toll Free:  888.726.2647     Phone:  709.726.2646     Fax:  709.726.3787

East Coast Beauty

1 Duffy Place, St. John's, NF CN  A1B 4M6

Phone:  709.579.7308     Fax:  709.579.1504     Email:

     Toll Free:  800.563.1990 (St. John's location)

Toll Free:  800.563.1901 (Cornerbrook location)


Kneading Hands Therapeutic Supplies & Services

160 Union Street, St. John NB CN  E2L 1A8

Contact:  Lori          Email:

Toll Free:  888.449.4263     Phone:  506.635.4263     Fax:  506.635.8939


Century Medical Distributors

2863 Isleville St, Halifax NS CN  B3K 3X4

Contact:  Gerry / Kristin          Email:

Toll Free:  800.477.5207     Phone:  902.422.4710     Fax:  902.422.4854

Zen Massage Tables & Supplies

32 Venus Drive, Harrietsfield, NS CN  B3V 1B3

Contact:  Geraldine          Email:

Toll Free:  800.477.5207     Phone:  902.422.4710     Fax:  902.422.4854


Falcan Medical

670 Bouvier Street, Quebec City QC  J2G 1A7

Contact:  Claire          Toll Free:  888.486.0888 x 23

Toll Free:  888.432.6313     Phone:  450.632.6313     Fax:  450.632.0830

Boutique Masso Sphere

71 Raymond, Gatineau QC CN  J8Y 1S3


Toll Free:  866.246.6236     Phone:  819.246.6236


Saskatoon Massage Therapy Supply

422 7th St E, Saskatoon SK CN  S7H 0X5

Contact:  Dale          Email:

Toll Free:  866.478.4998     Phone:  306.522.4267     Fax:  306.955.5759



** To Order Directly from Paradel Products **

Contact Amy at

Toll Free: 888.PARADEL (888.727.2335)     Phone:  519.758.8033     Fax:  519.758.8191


Opportunities are available.


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