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A superior Massage Lotion providing long-lasting, friction reducing lubrication, eliminating the need for re-application. The creamy texture of the lotion allows it to apply smoothly to the skin and wipe off easily. It is hypoallergenic, odourless and can be used as a carrier for essential oils. The lotion is water-soluble and washes out of sheets, towels, and clothing easily, leaving no residue to build up and create rancid smells.

Myo-ther Complete is a deluxe all-purpose, paraben-free massage lotion.  It has a smooth and silky texture for easy application and proven long-lasting performance, all but eliminating the need for re-application.  This mild water-based formula wipes off and washes out easily, preventing staining and odours.  It is hypoallergenic and fragrance free, just like our other lotions.                  

With an extra thick and creamy formula, Advantage Deep Tissue Gel maintains its' luxurious texture throughout a massage.  It provides exceptional coverage minimizing re-application while providing enough glide for effleurage and enough grip for deep tissue work.  Another hypo-allergenic product for both clients and practitioners with sensitivities that leaves your client’s skin feeling silky smooth, never oily or sticky.

Myo-ther Prestige is a soy bean based natural massage oil. It maintains exceptional coverage and spreadability throughout a massage and has a warm, smooth texture. It contains no parabens, alcohols, nut oils, or mineral oil. And we have added a sugar-based vegetable oil dispersant for better washability. 

Myo-ther Essential is an all-natural all-purpose, oil-based gel.  It warms and spreads easily, providing exceptional coverage and workability.  It is specifically formulated for both clients and therapists with skin sensitivities using the most hypo-allergenic natural ingredients available.  It does not contain parabens, mineral oil, nut oils, added fragrances, or scent neutralizers.   

Genie Plus is a unique disinfecting spray cleaner, suitable for use on naughahyde, vinyl, plastic and leather. Genie Plus disinfects on contact and is a necessary step in proper infection control procedures. It has superior grease-cutting ingredients to enable it to clean and polish while leaving no sticky residue. It contains no alcohols to dry and crack surfaces.

N-Zyme is a multi-enzymatic cleaner that completely breaks down and dissolves carbohydrates, proteins, fats and oils.  It can be used as a laundry spot pre-treatment, added to your regular laundry detergent or as a surface cleaner.  It is completely bio-degradable and is highly concentrated:  30mL to a 4L water for surface cleaning or 20mL to a tub for laundry.