Paradel Products Ltd.


A Welcome from our President:



Hello and Welcome to our website. My name is Paul Rapai, and I am the founder and President of Paradel Products Ltd. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about our company and why I started it.


When my optometrist, in the early 80's, informed me that I had Stargardt's Disease (Juvenile Macular Degeneration) and that I would become legally blind before the year 2000, I decided that a change in careers was necessary. After significant research, I decided that becoming a Massage Therapist was the logical choice (other suggestions were priest & dentist lol). I graduated from D'arcy Lane Institute, completed my certification exams and became a Registered Massage Therapist in Ontario, Canada in 1989. 


All of the massage schools, in those days, used olive, coconut or other nut, seed or vegetable oils as lubricant. The owner of the school would often call me out of class, hand me $200.00, and send me to a grocery store to buy cold-pressed olive oil on sale! So, when I started my own practice, I naturally used olive oil for massaging.


I knew that pure vegetable oils were very oily, that some people were allergic to some of these oils, and that, if not wiped off the skin completely, their clothing would get oily and possibly stain. It wasn't until my wife pointed out that my three month old white sheets were turning grey and developing a rancid smell, that I decided to find a better lubricant. My search led to some massage oils and lotions, but none met the criteria or had all of the qualities that I felt were required in a Professional massage lubricant.


I wanted a massage lubricant that would be affordable; hypo-allergenic for both patients & practitioners; have no odour; have a luxurious creamy texture; liquify from body heat for easier application; not be absorbed through the skin; provide long-lasting lubrication; be water soluble so that it would wash out of sheets & clothing completely - leaving no discolouration or rancid odours; have a neutral pH; not support bacterial or fungal growth; be an excellent base so that therapists could customize to their own requirements/liking with essential oils; wipe off the skin easily leaving it feeling soft & silky not greasy; and have an extended shelf life. Lots of requirements!


To accomplish this demanding task, I enlisted the help of experts at the Research & Development division of Germiphene Corporation, a highly respected manufacturer and world wide distributor of dental pharmaceutical products. It took over a year of research and trials, but we did it. The lotion we formulated had all the qualities we wanted. We called it "Myo-ther Professional Massage Lotion." I incorporated Paradel Products Ltd., and started handing out samples to fellow therapists and schools, and attended the OMTA conferences and Trade Shows. Sales increased steadily as the benefits of our lotion were recognized and appreciated. Therapists, Chiropractors and other Health Professionals contacted Paradel asking us to develop other gels, oil and cream lubricants, a table cleaner/disinfectant, hand sanitizers and other Professional Healthcare products. We continued working with Germiphene Corporation to formulate our new products, and still do today, using only superior grade raw materials and stringent quality control measures.


Please take the time to peruse our website, and read about our products, and their attributes. Please call or email for more information and/or free samples :)


Thank you, Paul