myo-ther complete paraben-free lotion



  features & benefits



 product development: a direct result of customers asking for a paraben-free product. Although

both Health Canada and the FDA have released statements declaring parabens safe, we still listened

to our customers and made a paraben-free version of our popular Myo-ther Signature Massage Lotion.


Characteristics: Myo-ther Complete is a white lotion with a smooth & silky texture for easy

application. It spreads easily with body heat and has no oily or sticky feeling.


performance: Myo-ther Complete is an all-purpose massage lotion providing long-lasting performance, minimizing

the need for re-application. Effective for all massage techniques.


formulation: Hypo-allergenic; contains no parabens, alcohols, fragrance, or nut oils.


ideal product: If you only want one lubricant in your office, Myo-ther Complete is ideal. It provides

great coverage, spreadability and workability, and your clients will love it too!


personalize: Myo-ther Complete contains no added fragrances and no scent neutralizers; customize

your lotion by adding a drop or two of your favourite essential oil to a small bottle.


clean up: Myo-ther Complete is a mild water-based formula that washed easily, helping to prevent

stains & odours.


client-friendly: After a massage with Myo-ther Complete, your clients will feel comfortable leaving

your office, not oily or sticky.