"I have been a professional Massage Therapist for over 10 years. I have tried many products and been sold a lot of garbage. But in these 10 years, I have only come across one product with excellent consistency, true reliability and honest sales support. Paradel and their Myo-ther Products have never failed my expectations for treating all conditions and never having to worry about my patient's reactions to topical lotions"


Robert Del Medico

"From the first time that I had tried Myo-ther Lotion, I knew I had a good thing. It wasn't greasy to the hands and when applied to the body, it spread smoothly. My patients love how it doesn't leave an unpleasant feeling on the skin afterwards. It's been 12 years since I started using it and I don't intend on stopping."


Darlene Ing

"I have been more pleased with Myo-ther than I have been with any other lubricant ... I find that it is exactly what it's claimed to be: easy application, long-lasting, non-allergenic, unscented, wipes off easily, non-staining. I want to congratulate you on the development of an exceptional massage lubricant."





















 "A real bonus for very hirsute (hairy) clients."





 "Thanks you for making such a wonderful product at an even better price."




 "Although I have oil, I much prefer your product."



 "I'm just finishing a 4L jug now after 5 years and it is still good! I'm impressed! Maybe you didn't know it would last that long. It does!"



  "Thank you once again for your speedy service. I am very please to inform you that my patients appreciate leaving the clinic without that slimy feeling that is so common with the use of coconut oil. I find that working with your products even exceeds almond oil."



 "The people I have used it on just love the feel of it & believe that it`s better for their skin than oil. Personally I like working with it and feel a little closer to the muscles than with oil. People go back to work not feeling "goonky" and I don't feel "goonky"either at the end of my day."



 "Just wanted to let you know that we use your Myo-ther lotion for all clients at this clinic and have found it to be of superb quality. We have no complaints from patients and it does not leave a residue on sheets or towels. Thanks for a good product."



 "I feel more confident in using your lotion, and, appreciate the fact that it is hypo-allergenic and non-staining. I no longer need to buy two separate lotions for my clients - with and without nut oils."



"My daughter was a student at Canadian College & brought back some Myo-ther lotion. I am quite impressed."



 "Thanks for your speed in expediting our product to us. We have been very happy with the quality of your products."



 "... no greasy or oily residue ... Thank you once again for such a wonderful product."




"The clients (and my hands) love your lotion! It is especially nice to use in the summer when the heat wave is on & everyone's so sweaty!"




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