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description: Myo-ther Genie Plus is a unique disinfecting spray cleaner that contains benzyl

ammonium chloride for disinfection. It meets all requirements provided by the

College of Massage Therapists of  Ontario for disinfecting environmental surfaces under the "Infection Control for

Regulated Professionals Federation Guide."

The combination of active ingredients enhances the effectiveness & cleaning power.





function: This product was developed for use in the health care industry. The unique formulation

effectively cleans dirt and grease away from tables and chairs, and disinfects as part of proper

infection control practice between patients.


versatile: suitable for cleaning all surfaces of naughahyde, vinyl, plastic laminate and leather. Not for

use on cloth upholstery.


effective cleaning: Genie Plus cleans and polishes surfaces, removing stubborn stains. It leaves no

sticky residue when wiped dry, and it breaks down silicone build up.


contains no alcohol: This product can be safely used for cleaning upholstery, vinyl, plastic laminate,

and leather. It does not contain alcohols that cause drying and cracking of upholstery. Always consult equipment manufacturer's directions before using any cleaner or disinfectant on upholstered or

finished surfaces.


disinfection: The broad spectrum killing action of this cleaning solution is effective against a wide

range of pathogenic micro-organisms. Genie Plus disinfects on contact and is a necessary step in proper infection control procedures.


extra cleaning: Special Boosting Agents like NP-9 and NP-15 increase the detergency and cleaning

power of Genie Plus Table & Chair Cleaner by cutting through oils.


conditioning: Contains a humectant to maintain the suppleness of leather, vinyl and naughahyde.

Genie Plus protects while it disinfects. 


myo-ther genie plus

table cleaner & disinfectant